Surf school Seignosse (Landes), Hossegor, Capbreton.

Prices and booking 2016 

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Prices for the Surf courses 2016

Formule nombre de cours Tarif
formule discovery  1 cours 33€
formule evolutive 5 courses 142€
formule intensive 10 courses 245€
formule passion 4 courses 120€
formule compact 3 courses   95€
private course 1 person
 2 persons
3 persons
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Surf & Aventure

10 courses + guiding from 9ham to 18pm
only in Spring and in Automn 

In a group of 8 people maximum per sur instructor,
prices include the equipment ( boards and wetsuit) and the teching during 1h30.Surf courses 7days/7 all year long.

Renting equipment

You can also only rent boards !

  Surfs, longboards, shortboards, bodyboards à Seignosse....




1/2 day

1 day

1 week


6 € 10 €

14 €

22 €

99 €

bodyboard + flippers

5 € 8 €

12 €

20 €

80 €


2 € 4 €

5 €

10 €

45 €

surf + wetsuit

7 € 12€

16 €

25 €

125 €


For all renting equipment, we need a deposit.

Throughout the entire duration of your hire,
you may test and try our different boards.
According to your level, your mood and the surf conditions,
come and rent the surfboard that best suits you.
Thanks to the surfschool location, lugging your equiment to and from your accomodation
won’t be necessary.
For confident surfer, a quiver of thrusters ranging from 5’11’’ to 6’6’’ are available.


location de
planche de surf à seignosse dans les landes

For people subscrived surf courses with us, a special dicount will be accorded for all renting board for the rest of the day. 

Which one to choose?
- Formule discovery   

Formula discovery 
   33 €
    1 cours


Ideal to discover the enjoyments of surfing safely, the functioning of waves and to get the first feeling of glide where you stand: it is the green track(runway) for the surfers!

Feelings 100 % guarantees at the first courses!

decouverte et initiation
au surf à seignosse - Landes

- Formula Evolutive : 

the most asked !

Formule Evolutive

5 cours

our goal : Make you win in autonomy in term of safety and technical progress

At the end of the training course you will be capable to take of on one step on your board and to keep your balance. To generate your own speed and to take direction
 to the right or the left on waves .

It is also the beginning to learn the famous " Take Off " a bit more off shore.This technique consists in recovering on your surfboard, on a wave which has not yet broken and to choose a direction.

Pleasure 100 % guarantee!


In search of an optimal autonomy !


10 cours

Our goal :
Make you increase, whatever is your level to give you total autonomy
to surf safely
At the end of the training course, you will be able to Take off correctly, and to take and follow waves up to 1m.

We'll learn together to estimate waves potential , to find your place in the water and to surf safely the shoulder of the wave to the right or to the left.
The video tool can be used.

For an optimal increase!

cours de surfintensf - seignosse


Private courses .
The private lesson, the exclusivity with an instructor


Private coures
1 person 70€

2nd person 55€

3rd personmax

This formula is addressed to the persons who want to take advantage of the exclusivity with an instructor in individual or in group restricted by maximum 3 persons.


A more available instructor, it is the ideal formula to personalize and individualize your learning and to answer all your certainties.

( No private lessons from July 15th to 15 Aout: contact us to know our availability)

 cours de surf particulier à Seignosse




" From the beginning to the end of the scéance, your instructor is with you in the water.
To guide you, make you evolve and and make you increase all the time.
From warm-up, theory, to practicing
We prepare you an explosive cocktail of pure feelings and a full on well beeing!! "

You can also book your surf courses .
It's the garanty of availability specially in the summer time.

reserver des cours de surf





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